Brett Leavy

Bilbie Virtual Lab (QLD)

Bilbie Virtual Labs is a social impact virtual heritage design company researching and developing a software development toolkit (SDK) called Virtual Songlines. Virtual Songlines is a software as a service (SAAS), creating cloud-based virtual heritage metaverses as a repository for First Nations storytellers, knowledge keepers and communities, to digitally preserve, protect and promote their significant placemaking culture and connections to their country.

Our software applications align with each and every capital city and large regional town across Australia. The knowledge contained within these applications is contributed by First Nations people, digitally produced and embedded with rich metadata, and assigned NFTs to assess its cryptocurrency value. Such an approach values and respects the rich culture and heritage contained within our cloud-based applications that subscribers can access so they can be virtually immersed and walk in the footsteps of virtual custodians within an interactive AR, VR and PC cultural heritage based survival game.

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