Kakadu Kitchen

Ben Tyler (NT)

A Taste Of The True Kakadu Spirit

Kakadu Kitchen Pty Ltd is a proud Northern Territory business.

Ben Tyler is a very proud Bininj man who, in 2016, began his entrepreneurial journey with an idea to start a bush tucker business as a way to 100 per cent live, work and study from his remote family home in Kakadu – at a very special place called Patonga Homestead aka Murdudjurl. Located beside the famous Jim Jim Creek, the Murdudjurl backyard is made up of pristine billabongs, creeks, woodlands, hills and mountain, and abundance of wildlife on Murumburr country, which is Ben’s mother’s country.

Growing up as a boy in the Kakadu bush meant freedom, culture and adventure learning from Elders about stories, bush tucker, country and feeling the spirits of the land of our Ancestors.

Ben’s crazy big ideas, like starting a non-alcoholic distillery in the NT, are part of his entrepreneurial vision of sustaining his family community’s future. A future founded and guided by the true spirit of the land that makes Kakadu so very special.

Today, Kakadu Kitchen’s core business activities include: (1) brand name licensing and (2) innovative product development. The company is on track to launching its first wholesale/retail products – healthy drinks within two beverage categories – including alcohol-free spirits, by the end of 2021.

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