Alex Sanderson

Sanderson & Partners (NSW)

Sanderson & Partners works with Australian film and television creators to provide financing, production, distribution and marketing services to compete on a global stage. Australian film makers are amongst the most forgotten entrepreneurs in our country, yet they create products that are consumed more than many others. So why will no one give them a chance?

The current funding model is dominated by the Australian government and puts Australian film makers at a disadvantage. After observing the impacts that this has had on those in the Australian film industry for over four years, Sanderson & Partners was founded. Through investing private equity in motion pictures, we aim to provide a platform for Australian film makers to create internationally competitive films that are evaluated on quality rather than a checklist.

As one of the few Motion Picture Private Equity Firms focusing on the Australian film industry, Sanderson & Partners are committed to helping promote economic growth and inclusion for Australian film makers – both independents and organisations.

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