Mark and Faye McMillan

Uncle Charlie’s Tastes of Country (VIC

Charlie’s Tastes of Country will create and supply Indigenous Gourmet Popcorn into the Australian Snack Food market.

What we do is use 100 per cent Australian native foods and botanicals for our flavours, combined with corn sourced (and nurtured from Wiradjuri Country). We – with 80,000 years of stories of Country; snacking and tasting – bring these tastes of Country to your tastebuds.

The products will be manufactured on Uncle Charlie’s Country – Wiradjuri Country – in two places: Coolamon and Trangie.

Uncle Charlie’s initial product offering to the market is three product lines of popcorn. Each of the flavour combinations will be offered in three sizes: 20g, 60g and and 100g. All elements of the raw foods will be sourced from Country – including the corn, bush food, oil and packaging.

Our Flavour combinations are: Bush Tomato and River Mint; Sunrise Lime and Quandong; and Davidson Plum and Finger Lime.

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