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Make your business dreams reality.

The Dream Venture Masterclasses are dedicated to equipping First Nations Australians with the connections, capabilities and access to capital to become investor ready. Please see our 2024 winners, turning their business dreams into reality.

Are you a first Nations entrepreneur wanting to kickstart your dream venture?

Dream Venture Masterclasses were delivered in 2024 with $200,000 of seed funding shared amongst 10 finalists. Dream Venture is a leading national program for First Nations entrepreneurs to gain the skills and build the capacity needed to help their business stand out.

Participants have learnt key strategies to raise capital and become investor-ready, met like-minded entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders and understand how to grow a sustainable business that balances social and economic returns.

The Masterclasses are free and delivered online by the Wade Institute of Entrepreneurship and finished with finalists travelling to Sydney for a gala event to pitch for a share of $200,000 in seed funding. Dream Venture has so far helped raise more than $4 million for First Nations businesses with more than 200 entrepreneurs having taken part in the program.

Minderoo Foundation is very proud to be leading this program and showcasing innovative First Nations businesses aiming to have a positive impact on community and the Australian economy.

The 2024 Dream Venture Masterclasses was delivered in two streams.

GO-Dream Venture 2023-Alana

Youth Program

The Youth Program is for founders aged between 18 and 30. Dream Venture entrepreneurs will connect with the best and brightest business leaders and investors, tap into global networks and secure mentorship from some of the region’s most successful founders.

All Ages Program

The All-Ages Dream Venture Masterclass will be tailored to support 20 First Nations entrepreneurs of any age to prepare their enterprise for growth, and to connect with mentors, investors and peers to help bring their entrepreneurial dreams to life.


Dream Venture Masterclass programs will be delivered in partnership with Wade Institute of Entrepreneurship – Australia’s leading centre for entrepreneurial training and development.

Key dates

15 May 2023

Applications open

26 July 2023

Applications close

5 February 2024

Masterclasses begin

12 March 2024

Masterclasses end

11 April 2024

All finalists attend gala pitch event in Sydney

Places are strictly limited for these Masterclasses. Any questions, please contact hello@dreamventure.com.au.

Why Apply

The Capabilities

Learn from the best and brightest minds in the Australian business ecosystem. Access world-class education, mentoring and resources, with the potential for ongoing support.

The Connections

It takes a community to grow a business. Create lasting relationships — with both your peers and the program leaders — to level up your venture.

The Capital

Turn capabilities and connections into the capital that is required for a successful raise, or investment.

About Minderoo

Minderoo Foundation takes on tough, persistent issues with the potential to drive massive change. We incubate ideas, advocate for systems change and accelerate impact. We push the limits of what is believed possible. Minderoo Foundation is proudly Australian, independent, forward thinking and seeks effective, scalable solutions. Through bold, collaborative, and selfless action, we seek to dismantle the systems that entrench inequality and fight for a fairer future.

Meet the Dream Venture entrepreneurs

Minderoo Foundation extends congratulations to the 40 First Nations founders who have completed the 2024 Dream Venture Masterclasses program.  The participants have dedicated 6 weeks to completing a masterclasses program to gain the skills and build the capacity needed to help their business stand out and the outcomes have been nothing short of inspirational.

To learn more about the participants and their dream ventures please download the 2024 Dream Venture founders bios.

Youth Cohort winners


From left to right, back row: Riana Tatana, Alinta Tatana, Grace Power. Front row: Taylor Coffin, Leah Bennet, Dr Katrina Wruck, Scott Wilson. Photo Credit: Joseph Mayers.

Impact Grant

Dr Katrina Wruck

Katrina as part of her PHD studies has discovered that you can turn mining waste into the central ingredient found in laundry detergent. She would like to use this discovery to combat Rheumatic Heart Disease in Indigenous Communities.

Ready to Grow Grant

Leah Bennet
Leah Paige Designs

Leah is the director and founder of Leah Paige Designs, an interior and furniture design company specialising in bringing First Nations culture into contemporary design.

Never Ever Give Up Grant

Scott Wilson
Gevolve Solutions

Scott is a partner of a green hydrogen and renewable energy venture to amplify First Nations voices in the pursuit of reducing carbon output and creating a sustainable future.

Rising Star Grant

Grace Power, Alinta and Riana Tatana
SIS Staples

Grace alongside Alinta and Riana Tatana has started a business focuses on education around feminine hygiene and providing accessible and sustainable sanitary products to remote communities.

Rising Star Grant and People’s Choice Award

Taylor Coffin
Independent Energy Systems 

Taylor has launched Independent Energy Systems with a focus on utilising renewable technologies to achieve sustainable energy solutions.

All ages winners


From left to right, back row: Terri-Anne Daniel, Tara Croker, Scarlet Barnett, Mel Davy. Front row: Samuel Edgar, Mitchell Skuta. Photo Credit: Joseph Mayers.

Impact Grant and People’s Choice Award

Samuel Edgar
Kaarli Authentic Boomerangs

Sam is the founder of Kaarli with a vision to create a platform for Indigenous artists and entrepreneurs by producing merchandise with Aboriginal artwork.

Ready to Grow Grant

Terri-Anne Daniel
Cooee Cookies

Terri is the founder of Cooee Cookies – a plant based, allergy friendly cookie enriched with native Indigenous ingredients.

Never Ever Give Up Grant

Tara Croker and Mel Davy
Yaala Sparkling

Tara Croker is the co-founder of Yaala Sparkling, an Indigenous-owned beverage company that creates unique and healthy drinks made with authentic native ingredients. 

Rising Star Grant

Mitchell Skuta
Gardening on Country

Mitch is the founder of Gardening on Country and has developed an innovative and environmentally friendly garden tools made from recycled plastics.

Rising Star Grant

Scarlet Barnett
Indigenous Psychedelic Assisted Therapies

Scarlet works as part of a venture to ensure culturally safe, accessible and Indigenous representation In the development of Indigenous Psychedelic Assisted Therapies.

about the artist
and the cover art

2023 Dream Venture artwork tells a story of entrepreneurial growth. 

Artist, founder of Bunya Designs, and proud Mayi woman from North-Western Queensland, Leah Cummins, explains the inspiration behind her artwork. 

First the seeds are planted, growth then comes from the strong tree that’s standing tall. Its branches represent the connection of communities, people, ideas, investments and their journey together. 

The waves flow through changing tides that help them to flourish and keep the tree standing strong. 

The three circles on the outside represent dreams, growth and future. 

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